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An open letter to stakeholders from Stephen Watson, Head of

1 February 2022

To our valued Stakeholders

Reference: Changes

Good day to you all,

I write to you today to appraise you of developments on and to respond to comments noted on various industry platforms, social media groups and direct messages to the business. I trust that you will find the information contained in this letter of value and I encourage you to please continue to provide us with constructive feedback as we transition and evolve our products. I appreciate this communication is somewhat lengthy with everything that is going on right now, so thank you in advance to all who take the time to read it through.




We are aware that this service was terminated by the partners of Tellytrack at midnight on 31 January.  This service included access to SA racing for both local and international subscribers, as well as local access to the Tellytrack 1 and 4 channels, amongst other content. I am aware that there are many disgruntled patrons to this service who have acquired long-term subscriptions which have now been terminated by virtue of the service ceasing to exist. I further note with concern that 4Racing is being labelled with this termination and I would like to remind stakeholders that 4Racing is not a partner in Tellytrack and in this instance we do not have access to the database of subscribers to or the right under the POPI act to communicate with them in direct communications should we have received it.


Irrespective, and as a gesture of goodwill from the 4Racing team, we would like by way of this invitation to offer you the following:


‘’Any stakeholder who had a valid paid subscription on, that has been terminated early as a result of the service no longer being available, a complimentary, equivalent subscription on”

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