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We, as the RA, are aware that the movement of horses across the country is facilitated by SAEHP. This is due to the State not having sufficient capacity to take on the role due to resource constraints.


The majority of the costs of SAEHP are for the movement of horses between provinces while the balance is focused on export protocols.


We believe that going forward we want to encourage the movement of horses between provinces in order to support feature racing throughout the country. We see seasonal stakes as the future model for South African racing and therefore the movement of horses in between provinces is crucial.


This facility is extremely important for owners. SAEHP provides a necessary service in the maintenance of the national equine disease control system. Exports are vital and without the disease control systems not only will exports be impossible, but the country’s entire disease control system will breakdown.


As this is of particular importance to owners, we, as the RA have committed to offer support to SAEHP in the amount of R 100 000 per month for the next 6 months, this is on the condition that they are able to raise similar amounts from other stakeholders in the industry.


We strongly believe that the South African racing industry should incorporate this into the cost of racing and we appeal to all operators and other industry bodies to come together in support of SAEHP in order to find a permanent solution.


Natalie Turner

Chief Executive Officer