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Trainer Jacques Strydom has won the PE Gold Cup before with the likes of Key Castle, Arctic Fleece and Palm King.

This year’s victory by the five year old mare Onesie must surely rate as his best training feat in the longest race in South Africa.

Onesie won the Listed R150 000 race at Fairview on Friday with her stable mate Frikkie in third place, separated by Evolver (Gavin Smith).

Strydom was the hero of the day. He is known for getting the best out of his stayers but what he managed with Onesie was incredible.

He made a few changes back at the stable and in a remarkable turnaround Onesie won the Glenlair Trophy and then the PE Gold Cup.

Onesie, we are still scanning the record books to try and found out when last did a mare won the PE Gold Cup, is owned by the trainer in partnership with Dave Devoy.

Greg Cheyne is set to win the East Cape jockey title for the seventh time but this was his first victory in the longest race.

“It is great to win this race. It is the longest race in South Africa and what a trophy.

“Jacques did amazing work to get this mare in this form. I was sceptic about her getting this distance but glad I stayed on her. She is a sweetie,” the champion jockey said.

On Friday Cheyne also became the first jockey to ride 100 winners in an East Cape season.

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