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TAB has enhanced its carryover policy for all bets in order to maximise the participation and enjoyment of its customers.

All horseracing carryovers will continue to be added to the same bet-type pool from which they originated as is the case currently.

But going forward all these carryovers will be accumulated into individual bet type stockpiles.

These carryover monies will only be deployed around month-end, when customer participation is at a maximum and when the carryover amount is sufficient to ignite the interest of horseplayers.

Pick 6 and Quartet carryover monies will only be utilised on month-end major racedays according to an annual schedule drawn up by TAB based on the total Pick 6 and Quartet carryovers amounts in a year.

The schedule will take into account the centres from which the carryovers originated and attempt to redistribute proportionately.

Should there be insufficient monies in the Pick 6 and Quartet stockpiles to fund the advertised carryovers at any point, TAB will make up the shortfall until more carryover money is generated, while any excess at the end of 12 months will be added to a selected pool.

Soccer pool carryovers, excluding Soccer 13 which is hosted by Svenska Spel in Sweden, will be accumulated into one stockpile regardless of the pools from which they originated.

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