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Bloodstock SA Executive Gary Grant was interviewed by Turf Talk website ahead of the 2019 National Yearling Sale.

The sale will be held on 24, 25 and 26 April at the Thoroughbred Breeders Association Complex in Germiston. Bidding starts at 11.30am each day on the 565 lots catalogued.

Q: Two years on, Equine Sales has settled as managers of the BloodStock SA Sales. Tell us about the experience so far.
A: With hindsight, I don’t think we realised the size and complexity of the task we were taking on. We have learnt a lot and I believe we are improving with each sale. The atmosphere at the 2018 NYS was nostalgic of the relaxed, fun times people used to have at sales. We expect this to carry over into this year’s sale.

You’ve had several pleasing results in a generally depressed market. What do you attribute this to?
The resilience of the market over the past year or so has been amazing. It’s difficult to identify the reason, I would suggest that we have created an environment where both vendors and buyers have felt very comfortable to trade.

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