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Sectional timing trials have been deemed a success and it will become a normal part of racing operations from 2 March.

A National Horseracing Authority press release reads:

Racing operator Phumelela has fulfilled the following requirements of the NHA:

1. That the sectional timing information captured at race meetings from horses carrying sectional timing devices during races is freely available and is in the public domain for at least 48 hours after it has been published on

2. The sectional timing information has been verified and the NHA has confirmation from at least 10 trainers within the Central Provinces region that they are satisfied with this information. The NHA is also satisfied that the final race times derived from these devices are consistent with the traditional race timing results.

Based on the above, with effect from 2 March 2019, Racing Operators’ Condition 13 will be enforced by the NHA.

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