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The Fairview Polytrack and the track manager Charles Newcombe received high praise from experienced jockey Bernard Fayd’Herbe.

Fayd’Herbe has been riding on Polytrack surfaces all over the world but rates Fairview as the best he has ridden on.

He is in Dubai now but has been a regular visitor to Fairview in recent times.

Fayd’Herbe was at Fairview last Friday when the unique incident happened when the heat and humidity were so extreme that the last race at that meeting was called off.

He said that it was a very hot day but that everything was done to look after the welfare of the horses and to cool them down.

The National Horseracing Authority (NHA) course veterinarian Charles Hayward lodged a protest against continuing with the last race on the grounds of the excessive weather conditions and the temperature of the Poly surface being a risk to the welfare of the horses.

Champion trainer Alan Greeff said it was an extremely hot day and that a huge team effort made sure everything went well.

Top trainer Yvette Bremner said she felt very uncomfortable in the heat and felt for what the horses must have been going through.