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For the first time since 2013 a new East Cape champion owner will be crowned when the current season comes to a close.

Markus Jooste and Mayfair Speculators dominate from 2013 till last season, but are not in the picture anymore.

Celso and Lee Scribante are the current leading owners in Port Elizabeth but the competition for the title is far from over.

The Scribante family has been supporters for many years of the champion PE stable of trainer Alan Greeff.

Fred Crabbia is also in the running to regain the owners’ title in the East Cape.

 Crabbia has been involved with various stables in PE over many years. He dominated the EC owners’ championship before the Jooste era.

He last won this title in the 2011/2012 season and can do so again.

 With more than five months of the season left, other owners can also come into the reckoning and challenge the front runners.

For the trainer and jockey titles it already looks difficult to catch the leaders.

Greeff and Greg Cheyne had a great start to the season and look set to retain their respective EC titles.