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Fairview is becoming more and more a favourite venue for various events and functions in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The out of town visitors have always been very complementary about the facilities and experience on race days but Fairview are also hosting more and more other events and getting very favourable reviews.

Weddings and other corporate functions are making Fairview bigger and better as a venue than ever before.

On Friday (14th September) Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism was involved at the meeting on the poly track with the slogan sharethebay.

It was a race day filled with great food, stylish fashion and fast cars to make it an enjoyable experience for all the patrons.

One of the big attractions at Fairview is the outstanding catering of executive chef and owner of Petronella Fine Dining & Catering, Annelie Oosthuizen, and her team.

Phumelela Promotions manager Karin le Roux and Marilyn Smith of the Racing Association are also always on hand and know how to make sure everyone enjoys a great experience at Fairview.

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