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Phumelela has noted an article on the Sporting Post website which states that it has applied for an interdict to postpone or halt the Public Protector’s forthcoming hearings into horse racing. Phumelela wishes to respond thereto as follows:

1. The Public Protector’s investigation commenced in 2012 and Phumelela was first contacted by the Public Protector in respect thereof in August 2013. Since then, Phumelela has cooperated fully with the Public Protector and has:

1.1. attended numerous meetings with representatives of the office of the Public Protector;
1.2. submitted documents and information to the Public Protector, upon request and of its own accord; and
1.3. briefed an independent conveyancer to compile a report on the historic ownership of the Arlington racecourse and furnished the Public Protector with the report.

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