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The latest communique from Gunter Wrogemann’s wife Sam on Sunday brings the glad news that he has been awoken from the induced coma he has been in since his heavy fall a fortnight ago.

Her communication reads as follows:

“So finally today I have good news, it’s our Fathers Day blessing. The general surgeon started bringing Gunter out of the induced coma on Friday but I was left feeling very demoralized as he wasn’t calm at all and completely incoherent.

“Yesterday morning was much of the same but last night he seemed to be coherent and this morning he is fully coherent!

“He asked what had happened and had no idea that it has been 2 weeks that he has been in an induced coma but he understands everything and is fully concious.

“The treatment for his pneumonia has brought his temperature down and I will get an update on his progress from the doctor hopefully later.

“Thank you for all your prayers and support, we are very grateful and could not have managed without all your love. Thank you from Jordan, Jamie and especially from me”.

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