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Some years ago the Marketing Committee of the Racing Association introduced bonus races to RA members in the Phumelela racing jurisdictions.   Gauteng, Western Cape and Eastern Cape receive R20 000 or R10 000 while Northern Cape receives R10 000 or R5000. The reason for the different amounts is due to the fact that Northern Cape pays less in membership fees.

The amount payable is also determined by whether all the members of a racing partnership or syndicate are RA members. In the case where one person is not an RA member, only half the bonus is paid. This includes a husband and wife partnership who are colour holders as both parties need to be RA members.

Owners need to be paid up members of the Association for a period of seven days in order to qualify.

The Racing Association instructs the Stakes Department at Phumelela to pay bonuses and the payment is made to the payee as per the agreement in place between the owner and Phumelela.

At the time of programming for the forthcoming season, a decision is taken which Maiden Plates will qualify for Bonus Race status. The Committee generally selects feature racedays but this is not a prerequisite.

This is a popular promotion amongst owners and we are proud of this initiative which rewards our Members for their continued support.


Larry Wainstein

Chief Executive Officer

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