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PGL EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM, Turffontein Racecourse, on Wednesday 7 June 2017


COMMITTEE:                     Mr C Basel (Chairman)   Phumelela                        

                                                Mr M Britton                      Tellytrack                           

                                                Mr A Little                           Phumelela                        

                                                Mr N Harbott                     Phumelela                        

                                                Mr L Barends                     NHRA                                  

                                                Mr A Hyde                          NHRA                                  

                                                Mr P Naidoo                       SANGATA                          

                                                Mr V Ndwashu                  PMG                                    


APOLOGIES:                       Mr L Wainstein

                                                Mr J Harrielall                    

Mr P Strydom                   

Mr M Azzie                       


IN ATTENDANCE:             Ms M E Parker




Before commencing with the business of the meeting, the Chairman proposed that meetings per annum should be reduced from 5 to 3.   He said that it is important that the action items are dealt with before the following meeting and not just reported on at the regular meetings.  In this regard he requested that roleplayers should report back to the secretary within 2 weeks of the meeting. These reports will be circulated to committee members as an update.


It was noted that Mr Azzie had tendered his resignation from the Committee.  Mr Basel thanked Mr Azzie for all his support in the past. Mr Basel said that representation from the various role-players is very important in order to address all stakeholders in the sport, the committee supported his view.  In this regard, he requested Mr Little and Darren McEwan to ascertain which trainers will be representing the various training centres and also ascertain who the representative of the jockeys will be.


Mr Little to advise Mrs Parker within two weeks. Mr Barends agreed with Mr Basel.  

                                                                                                                    ACTION: A LITTLE







2.1Sectional Timing


Mr Britton said that the Publishing Department had received batches of testing data from the sectional timing company. The data that was being sent to Publishing must resume in order for


Industry Liaison Minutes – 7 June 2017                                                                                  Page 2



them to complete their testing. From a Tellytrack side, there is one outstanding matter that Mr Wohlberg is awaiting on and then they will be ready to go.


Mrs Parker to ask RA to intervene in order to ensure that this data is submitted to Publishing for testing. Tellytrack are ready to go live now and Publishing can catch up later, if RA is in favour of this.

 2.2Souvenir Shop


Mr Britton said this has not been progressed at this stage.  It was agreed that this matter be deferred and reported on at a later stage. 


2.3Grooms Trophies


Mr Britton had asked his sales team whether they had anyone interested in funding the grooms prizes for best turned out horse. Mr Naidoo said he is also discussing this matter with a potential sponsor.  Mr Basel asked that Mr Naidoo include Mr Britton and the sales team in his discussion.  Any progress should be reported back to Mrs Parker within the two week time frame.

                                                                                                                    ACTION: M BRITTON; MK NAIDOO




Mr Britton said that the process is working well.  The jockeys had reported back with regard to their sponsorships and this would be followed up to ensure that all information had been received.  Messrs Britton and Hyde undertook to follow up and let Mrs Parker know so that she can update the committee.  Mr Britton undertook to send his list to Mr Hyde.   

                                                                                                                    ACTION: M BRITTON; A HYDE




Mr Basel reported that the horse census is almost complete.  He thanked the NHA for their assistance.  From a programming perspective, Mr Basel said they are doing a reality check as regards horse population.  This will assist with programming with field sizes in mind.

He said that the committee had reduced the number of fixtures on the Highveld and Gold Circle regions in 2018 in order to sustain the average field sizes and align with the current population.  In this regard, he said that where there are double headers we will have some

stand-alone fixtures and fewer night meetings. The 2018 fixtures are updated on the NRB website. The committee recommended a strategy for a mid-long term solution to deal with challenges facing the sport. Mr Basel said Phumelela is working on a Racing Indaba and will revert with progress in this regard.




                Mr Britton reported that at this stage, Tellytrack are focusing on strategy and budgets.



 Industry Liaison Minutes – 7 June 2017                                                                                 Page 3


Mr Basel said that a lot of time is spent on replaying international results at night.  He asked that the time of this loop be looked at with a view to reducing the time spent on the cycle replaying international results. He suggested that the display could scroll beneath promotional documentaries or replays of the day's racing rather than being forced to watch 45 minutes of result slides from the rest of the world. Mr Britton agreed to look at it.  

                                                                                                                    ACTION: M BRITTON




5.1Damage at NHA Building


Mr Barends reported that a fire had broken out at the NHA laboratory.  He said that plans had been put in place to catch up with testing and no disruptions were envisaged.  All specimens were intact.  He said that the NHA are looking to outsource for the moment.  Further, the NHA was adequately covered by insurance to rectify the damaged caused.


5.2Defaulters Rule


The matter of the Defaulters rule had been raised at the last meeting.  Mr Hyde reiterated that a  default judgement would first need to be obtained and that the NHA should not be used as a debt collector.  Mr Basel raised the matter of a case of a bad payer continuing to operate;  he said all trainers should have a signed contract with their owner. 


Mr Ndwashu said that non-payment also affects grooms as the trainers cannot pay them if the owner does not pay them.


Mr Barends said that they are cognizant that the industry must work together in resolving matters.  He proposed that the trainers should also put forward their recommendations as to how these matters can be resolved.  In this regard, he suggested that this could be handled outside of this meeting.


Mr Barends said that representation from trainers, jockeys and owners would be invited to attend the next sitting of the rules committee.  The date has yet to be set.  Mr Basel asked that the following should be taken into consideration:  in terms of renewal of annual licences, he requested that consideration be given to getting clearance from the operator and RA that licensed officials are debt free before renewing annual licenses (i.e. Trainers, Owners, officials etc. Mr Hyde said that the rule pertaining to trainers owing the operators money is still in place. The amended rule applies to owners. 


5.3Graded stakes and handicapping committee


Mr Basel said that the sub working committee met and are of the opinion that they should not restrict the handicappers;  with one or two restrictions aside, the handicappers should be “uncuffed”.  They will come under review on a regular basis (review committee) and there will be an appeal process in the case of a discrepancy. He also said that the decision was taken to request that the handicappers, together with selective peers from around the world, rerate feature racehorse retrospectively over the last 3 years and ascertain a more accurate rating across


Industry Liaison Minutes – 7 June 2017                                                                                                  Page 4


the board. This could result in increasing averages reached for certain Graded races. This is still work in progress.


5.4Horses exiting racing rule – care of the horses


Mr Basel said that in the last Kenilworth board meeting Mr Bloomberg had undertaken to revert to the NHA with a recommended rule. Mr Basel said that the owners bodies and the NHA should ensure that there is a registered home (acknowledged by NHA) for horses after their racing career. There is no such unit in Western Cape and Northern Cape recognized by NHA (in terms of the current rule) at the moment.




There was no jockeys’ representative in attendance. The committee expressed its disappointment. 


6.1Jockeys Insurance


Mr Basel said that the matter of jockeys who had been paid out in the event of an insurance claim and then start riding again had been raised.  Mr Hyde said that jockeys have to provide proof that they are sufficiently covered before starting to ride again after an injury.  The NHA said that if the jockey provides proof that he has the cover, they have no reason to reject his licence.  Mr Hyde said that insurance cover for work riders needs to be addressed as this forms part of the NHA rules.  He undertook to put together a paper for submission to the Racing Trust.

                                                                                                                                    ACTION: A HYDE




There was no trainers’ representative in attendance. The committee expressed its disappointment. 




Mr Basel reported that the following two events at Turffontein were coming up:


• July day in Jozi is next sponsored by World Sports Betting

• Grand Heritage, 28 horse field – last Saturday in September






Mr Basel said as he understood, Mr Ndwashu had agreed to sign the MOU document with the other two associations to form a tripartite alliance. He asked that this be signed today. Mr Ndwashu and Mr Naidoo agreed.


 Industry Liaison Minutes – 7 June 2017                                                                                 Page 5




Mr Ndwashu said that he had met with Department of Community Education; they come to the premises and there is an opportunity to educate the grooms.  They are prepared to create a curriculum to qualify the grooms in literacy and/or academic as well as an equine role.


Mr Barends said he has had a number of discussions with various bodies.  He felt that we must expand upon this education system to include handlers and other roleplayers who require education and to ensure that it happens throughout the country.  Mr Barends requested Mr Hyde to be involved in these discussions.


9.3Workshop for Grooms


Mr Ndwashu reported that a workshop for grooms would be taking place on 28 June through DTI.  He undertook to provide information for grooms to attend.


9.4Illegal Immigrants


Mr Harbott reported that DTI have instructed the industry not to permit illegal immigrants (without work permits) on our premises, as per the current lease signed between trainers and the operators.  The security will be re-registering grooms within the next few weeks and illegals will not be permitted to enter the premises. If there are grooms who are not registered, these people must be referred to Mr Harbott so that it can be rectified.  Trainers transgressing these rules have been informed both verbally and in writing that will be evicted from the premises of in breach of the lease. Mr Naidoo said that refugees are not able to renew their permits on an ongoing basis.  Mr Hyde said that the NHA also has a rule that trainers must comply with Basic Conditions of Employment Act concerning the employees. 


9.5Tuck Shop


Mr Harbott has allocated an area for a tuck shop and is in the process of getting it up and running.  Mr Ndwashu has been given to the end of June to get the shop up and running in terms of stock etc. It would be open from 08h00 to 20h00. No alcohol can be sold from the tuck shop.




10.1​     2017 Meeting Dates


Wednesday 1 November13h15 (time change to accommodate PGL meetings)




Signed this …………………………………….………………… Day of ……………………………………………………………… 2017




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