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Anthony Delpech will have a tough act to follow at Ascot on Saturday when he rides for The Rest Of The World team in the Shergar Cup.

Last year the competition was dominated by Gavin Lerena, who rode two winners en route to leading the Rest of the World team to victory.

The points-based competition is played out between four teams each comprising three top riders representing Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, Rest of the World and The Girls, all culminating in a thrilling six-race showdown.

The teams are:
Europe: Adrie de Vries (c), Alexander Pietsch, Umberto Rispoli

Girls: Emma-Jayne Wilson (c), Michelle Payne, Hayley Turner

Rest Of The World: Kerrin McEvoy (c), Anthony Delpech, Keita Tosaki

Great Britain & Ireland: Jamie Spencer (c), Fran Berry, Neil Callan

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