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Strategy: All directors

Graded races: Mr V Thurling; Mr L Wainstein

Membership relations/communications: Mr L Wainstein

Finance & REMCO : Mr. L. Wainstein; Mr ME Leaf

Industry Liason: Mr. L. Wainstein; Mr MK Naidoo; Mr WGC Miller

Trainer Liason: Mr. L. Wainstein

Jockey’s Remuneration: Mr. L. Wainstein; Mr ME Leaf

Marketing: Mr. L. Wainstein; Mr R Scott

Import/Export: ; Mr C Gerber

Handicapping: Mr V Thurling ; Mr L Wainstein ; Mr SG Tarry & Mr J Soma

Programming: Mr M de Kock, Mr S Tarry; Mr J Soma

SAETREK (Import/Export): Mr L Wainstein

RA Staff: Merle Parker, Penny Broodryk, and Angie Basel serve on the Marketing Commitee.

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